LSA Exec ‘top picks’ from Leisure Studies: Louise Platt

In the second of the series digital comms officer, Louise Platt shares her picks from Leisure Studies journal.

Louise Platt
Manchester Metropolitan University

I didn’t really have to think too hard for this job…although I did have to spend some time narrowing the selection down to just 3 papers. I had a think about which papers I wanted to share with you all, what might you enjoy rediscovering or who’s work did I want to celebrate.

My first pick was simple and is a paper I have returned to many times in help me think about the way in which I do leisure research. The paper is Leisure Studies and Intersectionality (Vol 32: 1) published in 2013 and written by Beccy Watson and Shelia Scraton. The paper was at the fore of my mind after running a symposium on gender and events with fellow LSA-er Rebecca Finkel. We invited Beccy to deliver the keynote and take part in a workshop of doing feminist research in events. I think that event scholars can learn a lot from this paper (alongside the work of Cara Aitchison …can I sneak in a bonus pick by saying that…I am the blog editor after all so I make the rules!).

My second pick is a great paper that speaks to something I do in my leisure time…knitting! I have written myself about knitting groups elsewhere but I definitely drew on this paper by Kate Orton-Johnson from (Vol 33: 3) Knit, Purl and Upload: New technologies, digital mediations and the experiences of leisure. I identify with the paper in terms of the online knitting communities that Kate speaks about and my own leisure connects with knitters across the globe.

My final choice is a paper I am sharing as I wanted to champion the work of Kate Themen and Jenny Van Hooff, Kicking against tradition: Women’s football, negotiating friendships and social spaces. (vol 36: 4). The paper uses women’s football as a lens to explore the nature of women’s friendships. This work emerged from Kate’s PhD and both Jenny and Kate work at Manchester Met albeit in a different department to me.

I hope you enjoy the selection that I have picked out for you. There is some brilliant work (and always has been) in Leisure Studies journal by some great women scholars and long may this continue!

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