Academy of Social Science call for nominations

The Academy of Social Sciences is currently seeking nominations for new Fellows. As a learned society within the Academy, we are invited to submit nominations from within our community. Historically we have been successful with our nominations. In the last two years alone, three of our members (Profs Karl Spracklen (2017), Garry Crawford (2018) and Scott Fleming (2018)) have been conferred as Fellows. Clearly, these successes are excellent for the standing of the LSA and reaffirms the value of leisure as a field of study within the social sciences.

We are inviting members to make nominations of candidates they feel have a realistic chance of success. All we require from you is a name (or names) and a very short justification for your nomination(s). Nominations should be sent to myself as Chair and Spencer Swain (Secretary) by 5pm Monday October 29th.  Due to time constraints, the Executive will vote on which nominee(s) to submit.

More information on the Academy and its Fellows is available here:

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