LSA Education Development Fund: Dementia and Physical Activity as a leisure choice

After the announcement around the Bridge conference, which gained funding from the LSA through the education fund, we are delighted to announce that Dementia and Physical activity as a leisure choice has received funding from the association.
Leisure Studies Association Education Development Fund supports initiative to boost opportunity for people living with Dementia to engage in sport and physical activity as a leisure choice.

Chris Russell from the University of Worcester said “We are very grateful to the LSA for their commitment and support. Our successful application to their Education Development Fund has enabled us to begin the development of an innovative online short course”, something we will provide details of shortly. Dr Russell added “This will build upon research we have completed to enable us to provide care, health, leisure and sports professionals opportunity to learn more about offering physical activity to people living with Dementia and their families and feel confident in doing so”.
If you have any questions about the online course, then please get in touch with Dr Chris Russell on You should also keep an eye out for future announcements about Education and Research funds.

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