Digitisation of the back catalogue

Back in 2017, the LSA Executive Committee embarked on a significant project to digitise our back catalogue of conference proceedings, publications etc. As a result of this project, LSA members have full access to all LSA publications, spanning over 40 years. I am delighted to say that this project is now complete! In addition to the books, conference proceedings etc., that have been accessible for quite some time, the Executive has been working on the production of a master contents page of all publications. This has been a mammoth task, but the results are fabulous. LSA members can now use this master contents page to search for key words, authors etc., and easily identify which publications they will need to access (rather than trawling through each of the 140+ items individually). We hope this will be a really useful resource for members. Like the publications, this fabulous resource is in the member’s area of the website: https://leisurestudies.org/members-area/

This has been a full team effort, but I would like to praise the work of Dr Louise Platt in particular, for leading on this.

Best wishes,

Tom Fletcher


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