Honorary Lifetime Membership: Prof Robert Stebbins

The title of honorary lifetime member is conferred upon members of LSA who have made a significant contribution to both LSA and the field of Leisure Studies. Bob’s conferment as honorary lifetime member is in recognition for his highly influential career and indeed, recognition for his continued support for and engagement with LSA (e.g., via his ‘Leisure Reflections’).

I am deeply honored to receive this award, coming as it does from the LSA. I probably joined the Association in the late 1980s or the early 1990s (my first article in Leisure Studies appeared in 1992). More importantly, soon after joining the LSA, it became evident to me that it, its journal, and the LSA Publications series welcomed the kind of work I do, namely, qualitative-exploratory research, concept development, and theory building. This mutual respect grew ever stronger in 2002, when the Association invited me to write for the LSA Newsletter(now LSA Blog) as often as I would like short non-refereed articles on leisure. In November of that year ‘Leisure Reflections’ was born, a thrice-annual series now in its 52nd number. From the beginning Reflections gave me a stage on which to strut my conceptualizations of a variety of leisure-related concepts, most of which have been further refined through the continuous interplay with others in the series and set out in diverse monographs. Of note here is the fact that approximately three quarters of the Reflections articles have found their way into numerous refereed publications, mine as well as others. The Honorary Lifetime Member award commemorates this happy link between me and the LSA.

Robert A. Stebbins, FRSC

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