LSA 2022 (Call for Papers)

Call for Papers

The conference’s broad overarching theme is the relationship between leisure and inequality, ultimately considering the ongoing question, for whom is leisure? The conference aims to explore this through the sharing of research, education and practice, and the Scientific Committee now invites researchers, educators and practitioners, amongst others, to submit abstracts for Papers, Posters, Workshops, Panels and Productions inspired by the following sub themes:

Leisure and accessibility

To feature contributions that focus on the access, provision and creation of leisure activities for and by marginalised communities and groups.

Leisure and creativity

To feature contributions that explore the relationship between creativity and leisure, including the framing of creative practice as leisure, and the relationship between creativity, creative practice and social inequality.

Leisure and the dark

To feature contributions that explore leisure activities and narratives which have been or which continue to be framed as dark, and how this contributes to marginalisation and continued inequalities.

Leisure and placemaking

To feature contributions that consider the mythologies and narratives of place in which leisure features as symbol, and how these illuminate and perpetuate identities and inequalities.

Leisure and social/cultural capital

To feature contributions that explore leisure identities and the role that the pursuit of leisure has in generating social and cultural capital and perpetuating social segregation.

Leisure and regeneration

To feature contributions that highlight how leisure informs regional and broader development agendas, including those which consider the role of the leisure industries (including cultural and creative sectors), and impact on future policy.

In addition to these six subthemes, we also invite contributions in any other area of leisure research, teaching and practice.

Both Falmouth University and the Leisure Studies Association share a keen interest in the evolution of integrated research approaches and practices, and thus particularly welcome cross, multi, inter and transdisciplinary contributions from researchers and practitioners from a variety of disciplinary and cultural backgrounds and locations.

Submissions Guidance

For all the information you’ll need about our submissions guidance, please refer to the document below:

Falmouth and the Leisure Studies Association

This conference will be supported by three key areas of Falmouth’s research agenda: Inequality and StorytellingCreative Industries Futures and Dark Economies.

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