LSA Book Prize 2022

We are pleased to share that ‘The Serious Leisure Perspective: A Synthesis’ by Robert A. Stebbins received the LSA Book Prize for 2022.


This is a genuine seminal text, which stands apart from texts that it effectively contextualizes.


Abstract: ‘The Serious Leisure Perspective: A Synthesis’

The Serious Leisure Perspective (SLP) is a theoretic framework developed by Robert A. Stebbins in 1973, that brings together three main forms of leisure known as serious leisure, casual leisure, and project-based leisure. The SLP has evolved considerably since 1973, and this textbook provides a synthesis of the many concepts and propositions, as well as the data supporting them. In this overview, Stebbins organizes the entire framework along conceptual lines, with careful attention to level of empirical support and validation of each concept, presenting an up-to-date version of the SLP that allows interested students and researchers of social psychology, sociology, and leisure studies, to pinpoint exact elements of the theory, the empirical base and its application.

‘The Serious Leisure Perspective: A Synthesis’ is accessible on all devices via eBook and is also available in print.


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