LSA 2021: Anna de Jong and Chloe Steadman

Up first in our series, Drs Anna De Jong (University of Glasgow) and Chloe Steadman (Manchester Metropolitan University), who have presented theirs visually and can be found on YouTube here: 

“This paper contributes to debates on the use of cultural events to generate urban belonging. Leisure studies scholars have identified the influence of such events in informing belonging, whilst being cautious towards the politics associated with claims of diversity and inclusion. Through this work, belonging has tended to be conceptualised as a static entity, that has served to position events as either inclusive, or not. Following Brighenti’s (2010) concept of territorology we seek to reconceptualise inclusions and exclusions as fluid, processual and heterogenous, shifting within and beyond the spatial and temporal confines of any one event. To do so, we take focus with the Independent Manchester Beer Convention; utilising fieldwork observations at the 2018 and 2019 convention and 4,300 social media posts associated with the 2019 convention, to identify how things assemble in different ways throughout the event, informing how particular subjectivities come to be included and excluded, through different encounters and at different moments. We argue that recognition regarding the fluidity and heterogeneity of territorial boundaries, and the role of affordances in shifting such boundaries, are imperative in understanding how cultural events might be crafted to generate urban inclusions.

Image by the authors.

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