TALS 2020 Lectures

We are pleased to share with LSA members access to keynote talks from our partner organisation The Academy of Leisure Sciences. Head over to the Members area (you need to log in to access this resource) to find out how to see these videos.

2020 J.J. Bannon Lecture presented at the Academy of Leisure Sciences Research & Teaching Conference

TITLE:  Tapping into the ghetto genius:  Design thinking to connect leisure and social justice

Presentation Given on Tuesday, February 11 at 6:00-7:00 pm

SPEAKERSRachel Switzky, Director, Siebel Center for Design, University of Illinois

William Patterson, Senior Design Strategist for Social Impact, University of IllinoisDiana Parry, Professor and Associate Vice President for Human Rights, Diversity and Inclusion, University of Waterloo, Canada

ABSTRACT:  A design thinking framework is developed to address issues of social justice and inequity centered on the concept of cultural wealth for under-served populations of color.  A recurrent theme of design thinking is the optimism embedded in its various phases due to the active engagement of communities to improve policy and practice.

2020 Keynote presented at the Academy of Leisure Sciences Research & Teaching Conference 

TITLE: Health and wellbeing for urban communities: Envisioning the future.

Presentation Given on Friday, February 14 at 11:00-12:30pm

SPEAKERWilliam Sullivan, Professor & Director, Rokwire | Smart, Healthy Communities, University of Illinois

ABSTRACT: Our neighborhoods and their design impact our health and wellbeing. A continual stream of findings have implications and offer connections between urban design and leisure theory and application.


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