Professor Ken Roberts shares his recent news with LSA

On September 25th 2014 Prof Ken Roberts presented a keynote on ‘Sport in Europe’s era of austerity: crisis or adaptation’ to the XIII International Conference of the Spanish Association of Social Research Applied to Sport (AEISAD) which was held in Valencia. The presentation explained how sport had adapted rather than suffered a setback. The paper, which will be published in the conference proceedings, explains how Europe’s spectator sport has achieved record numbers watching and record revenues. Meanwhile, participation rates in physically active recreation have been maintained as a result of a switch from spending by public agencies to spending by private consumers, and a switch from using public facilities to outdoor lifestyle sports and commercial fitness gyms.

On November 7th 2014 Ken will deliver a keynote titled ‘Sport in the context of current trends in leisure and recreation: implications for sociology’s research agenda’ at the 13th International Sport Sciences Congress which is being held in Konya, Turkey. This presentation will argue that sport research needs to adopt a wider focus; that sport needs to be set in the broader context of how people spend all their leisure time and money, and that everything needs to be related to the still wider economic and political contexts.

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