International Webinar: Parks and Recreation Services for a Socially Just and Equitable Community

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Parks, public spaces and sport amenities are central to most communities and is always a hub of activity by children, youth and adults. The COVID-19 pandemic with complete lockdown and social distancing regulations, have had a detrimental impact on the physical, economic and mental health of all. The devastating pandemic is exacerbated by police brutality which spiralled the Black Lives Matter and Decolonize campaigns to centre stage. The call for racial justice and equity echoes in the streets and public spaces, globally.

Extensive research evidence shows services and programs in parks and recreation have a lasting positive effect on individuals, communities and the environment. Many believe parks, sport and recreation will be key to leading the recovery effort in communities across the world. Our expert panel of scholars will present their research evidence which can be implemented as recovery strategies on social justice, education and equity within community assets.

Focus will be on how best to translate research into actionable services to promote social cohesion, equity and plan for future pandemics. We are in this together! Lets get this right for future generations and heed the call for change in parks and recreation, today.

This is the first of a three day series, where we will discuss the barriers and challenges to creating socially just and equitable spaces.

Join us today and make a difference!

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