“Your Space, Your Say” Exhibition: A summary of our first LSA research development award

We are delighted to bring you a summary of an event which was made possible through the new LSA research development scheme that we announced this year as a new membership benefit. The first award holder is Annaleise Depper from University of Bath and she shares details of the event here:

By Annaleise Depper:
PhD Researcher at the University of Bath

I am currently a final year PhD researcher in the Physical Culture, Sport and Health research group. My PhD research explores young people’s affective stories of embodied mobility, place and inequality in Swindon. Specifically, this project engaged with young people in a process of co-creation. Over 9 months, young people (aged 10-16) worked in groups to photograph, film, edit and narrate embodied accounts of their community to evoke the complexity of affective experiences in Swindon.

Event focus

As I came to the end of the data collection with the young people, I was interested in facilitating an exhibition to share the young people’s findings with their families, professionals and volunteers in the community. In September 2017, I was awarded funding from the Leisure Studies Association Research and Enterprise Development Fund to support the event. The funding was an excellent way for me to move beyond traditional methods of sharing research, to facilitating an exhibition event that could engage diverse publics in meaningful ways.

The aim of this free exhibition was to bring together young people with local policy makers and practitioners to rethink existing physical activity and leisure strategies in Swindon. The event disseminated key findings from the research, which explored young people’s experiences of leisure in disadvantaged communities in Swindon. On the night, 13 young people, aged 10-17, from diverse backgrounds in Swindon came together to voice leisure and broader health related matters that were important to them. Through creative means, such as films, poster displays and panel talks, the audience was invited to explore the complexities of inequality in young people’s lives and engage in conversations for action. Sharing young people’s perspectives of space, place and physical activity was key to this research, as the exhibition raised awareness of key health and social challenges within the community.

I was awarded £642 from the Leisure Studies Association Research and Enterprise Development Fund to cover the costs of hosting this event:

  • Venue hire, STEAM Museum in Swindon and catering
  • Printing items e.g. event advert, event programmes, feedback cards, summary report
  • Design time for working with a Graphic Designer to create a summary report detailing the key findings from the project that was given to each attendee


A total of 70 people attended the event. This included young people; their friends and family; and local policy officers/ providers across sport, public health, social care, family services in Swindon.


Steve Boocock, Chief Executive of Wiltshire & Swindon Sport (WASP) said; “Including young people in decision making about issues that affect them or interests them is a vital part of improving our communities. The Your Space Your Say exhibition highlighted some of the important issues that affect young people’s participation in sport and leisure how creative they can be about expressing these when provide with the right opportunities I would encourage all those involved in the planning and delivery of sport and leisure to learn more about the study and the ways in which young people can contribute to our planning for the future.”

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