New (EC) Member: Rev. Jeff Crittenden, DMin, PhD

Jeff Crittenden, B.A, B.Th, M.Div, M.Th., D.Min, Ph.D.

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Jeff is an Assistant Professor at Huron University, London, ON, Canada; CPT’s (The Centre for Practical Theology, Canada) Founding Director and author of ‘Leisure Resurrected,’ an exploration of Classical leisure from Plato to the 1st C Roman Empire.

Jeff’s leisure research interests include Historical and Classical leisure, particularly in the period between The Pre-Socratics to Augustine, leisure and Religious Studies, Pilgrimage, and Flow.

Jeff teaches Graduate Homiletics (Rhetoric/Communication) at Huron.

He has offered lectures on Leisure, Theology and Communications throughout North America, the UK and Europe, including places like McGill University (CAN),  Philadelphia Episcopal Cathedral (US), Oxford University (UK), and St. Mary’s (UK) University.

Jeff is an avid hiker, a CDN Football enthusiast and has recently learned to sail.

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